Custom Sound
1973 Fender wide-range humbucker rebuilt and rewound to original specs
Rewind Pickups

Guitar sounding thin and tinny? Could be a defective pickup.

Sometimes the cause is an age or quality related “cold” solder joint at the pickup or control wiring. Sometimes deteriorated magnet strength is the culprit, but often there’s deeper damage inside the coil that requires a tear-down and rebuild. In this case, your guitar pickup will be carefully disassembled, cleaned, researched, and documented. The re-wind can be according to original manufacturer’s spec, or custom wound to your taste.

At this time, all pickups are 100% “hand wound”, and that means only scatter-winding is provided. Every inch of wire passes through my fingers! Custom.

Custom Winding

Looking for a sound of your own?

Tone settings, mods, and amps not getting you there? Maybe you need a custom pickup that matches the sound in your mind. A little hotter, maybe a little more mellow, maybe add or take-away some of the mids, I’ll work with you to create your unique sound!

Custom treatments available include:

  • Flatwork and magnet replacement as needed
  • Vintage Formvar or Plain Enamel coated wire in addition to modern poly wire are all available
  • Vintage style string wound protective wrap
  • Lacquer coating of magnets and flatwork prior to wrapping
  • Potting with 100% beeswax from our own beehives!

Custom designs can sometimes fit into a standard pickup package, but can require custom flatwork. All flatwork is laser cut for accuracy and a clean look!

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Custom Tele Bridge Pickup

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It’s working like a dream so far. SUCH a relief!