Custom Style
Custom Pick Guards

Wood, leather or acrylic, we can custom cut a design that speaks to you.

Add an engraving for an even greater personal touch! From clip art to your original artwork, even photos!

Bronze Guitar Picks

Check out our unique fire-forged bronze guitar picks!

Not for every tune, but I guarantee that it WILL change the way you play! They possess an intensity that comes from someplace magical – like when your best solo bubbles out of deep inspiration. Each piece is fire-forged and finished by hand. No two are exactly alike.

Design and Fabrication Services

Molds, 2D and 3D modeling, along with other techniques allow me to transform raw materials into functional art. Let me help bring your ideas to life!

What Our Customers Say

You can tell you're dealing with someone who knows a whole hell of a lot about a whole hell of a lot of things.

I can't recommend him more!

We recommend Paul without reservation!

He is responsive, punctual, a good communicator, lives up to his estimates, and most importantly, does excellent work. Very fair prices, as well.

Andrea and Rick
It’s working like a dream so far. SUCH a relief!