Tele Bridge – Hot Wind ATB108
Do You Know How Good Your Guitar Can Sound?

This pickup will kick up your effects, and coax a bit of grit from your amp’s front end.

The ATB108 was conceived to meet the needs of players who want more punch out of their Telecaster bridge pickup, without sacrificing too much “tele twang”. Perfect when you want to dig in for blues crunch, or maximize pinch harmonics when playing your favorite ZZ Top of Led Zep leads! Dialed back, you may even find a little Hank Williams tone in there too…

Our exclusive, all-beeswax, double-potting process ensures no microphonics that lead to unwanted feedback found in other high output pickups. Finished with a vintage-look string wrap.

Expect to be satisfied with its beefy, well-balanced sound!

What Our Customers Say

You can tell you're dealing with someone who knows a whole hell of a lot about a whole hell of a lot of things.

I can't recommend him more!

We recommend Paul without reservation!

He is responsive, punctual, a good communicator, lives up to his estimates, and most importantly, does excellent work. Very fair prices, as well.

Andrea and Rick
It’s working like a dream so far. SUCH a relief!