I’d love to help you with your next guitar upgrade or electronic repair!
Contact me in advance with details of your project.


$50 repair estimate, also covers the first hour of labor and will be applied to the total repair bill if you proceed.

If parts are required, or if the repair takes more than an hour, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive estimate and a plan because we both want to know what to expect! But be aware that surprises can happen…


“Typical” (if there’s any such thing) cost for a single coil cleanup and rewind is $50, consider a humbucker to be two single coils.

Included in the cost is poly coated magnet wire of the correct gauge, protective coil tape wrap, Gauss check and re-Gauss (if needed), and a foot of lead wire to get the pickup output to the controls. Additional cost for custom treatments.


Hand made bronze picks are $35 each (plus shipping).


To get your pick guard right, you’ll need to tells us about your guitar. Sending a full scale tracing of the existing pick guard is highly recommended so that we get it right the first time!

Wood, 1/8″ thick birch plywood $15, unfinished so you can add your own color tones.
Add $10 for oil or clear urethane treatments.
Add $10 to engrave your custom artwork or photo
Acrylic $TBD
Leather $TBD
Additional shipping costs will apply